Symptoms of Dry Eye

Do you suffer from dry eyes? Your preferred optometrist in Ashburn knows that this condition can be quite uncomfortable and even painful for patients. Fortunately, our team has the knowledge and experience to provide you with the treatment you need to bring relief for your dry eyes.

What Are the Main Dry Eyes Symptoms?

Optometry professionals recognize that the main symptoms of dry eyes are:

* Itchy or gritty sensation

* Blurry vision

* Overt sensitivity to light

How Your Optometrist in Ashburn Can Help

There is no need for you to suffer another day from dry eye syndrome. Your optometrist has a number of options to treat dry eyes.

No two patients are alike, so the first order of business will be for the optometrist to consult with you and get some details of your medical history. Then, the optometrist will conduct a comprehensive examination of your eyes.

In most cases, patients with a mild case of dry eyes will respond well to artificial tears that the optometrist will tell you to pick up at your local pharmacy, over the counter.

If OTC artificial tears do not clear up the problem, the optometrist might prescribe medication to reduce eyelid inflammation. Or, the eye doctor will have you use eye drops that are designed for inflammation of the corneas.

Patients whose eyes are not producing enough tears for lubrication and who do not respond to drops or medication may have the option of getting Lacrisert eye inserts, which fit between the lower eyelid and your eyeball to provide the moisture your eyes need.

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If you have a case of dry eyes, our optometry team is standing by to consult with you and deliver the treatment you need today. For more information about our approach to treating dry eyes or to set your appointment, please connect with Optics&EYECARE today. Will this be the first time you visit our eye care center? Ask about our new client special!

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