Ray Ban Frames

Optics & EYECARE is Your Source for Ray-Ban Frames in the Greater Ashburn, VA Area

Known for their popular sunglasses, many of our patients are surprised to learn that Ray-Ban also offers an extensive line of prescription lenses and frames. Don’t forget to undergo regular vision exams with our Ashburn optometrist to make sure that your prescription is current and exactly what you need.

Optics&EYECARE wants our patients to feel comfortable in their glasses, and we believe that if you think your glasses are attractive and stylish you will be more likely to wear them as prescribed. We offer a full range of Ray-Ban frames that will keep you on trend and looking good! In most instances, if we do not have the exact frames that you want, we can likely order them for you.

Ray-Ban: High-Quality Frames that are Stylish and Durable

Your prescription lenses are the functional part of your eyeglasses, with the frames the part where you are able to show off some of your unique personality. Our doctors of optometry will work with you to ensure that you get the frames that you want. Ray-Ban lenses are a great choice and they offer a lot of good features in addition to being very functional. Ray-Ban lenses have blue light blockers that will help to protect your eyes and vision from the blue light that is emitted by computer screens and other electronic devices.

​​​​​​​We love the durability that Ray-Ban glasses offer and their iconic styles will help you to stand out from the crowd! If you are in need of new glasses or are deciding on your first pair, the staff at Optics&EYECARE will work with you to find the right frames for your lenses, personal style, and lifestyle. Our team is dedicated to providing the vision care needs of our patients, and fitting you for the right eyeglasses is an important part of our comprehensive eye care services.

We Are Your Ray-Ban Frames Headquarters!

If you are looking for new glasses and are interested in trying on some of the latest Ray-Ban styles, come and see us at Optics&EYECARE! We want your glasses to be comfortable and well-suited for your lifestyle. We will spend the necessary time with you to ensure that you are happy with your new eyeglasses. In addition to Ray-Ban, we offer styles from today’s top designers including Gucci, Persol, Prada, and Oliver Peoples. Our vast inventory likely contains the perfect pair for you!

​​​​​​​Call Optics&EYECARE today at (703) 687-4719 to learn more about these popular styles. Our office is conveniently located at 43150 Broadlands Center Plaza in Ashburn. We look forward to seeing you soon!