Oliver Peoples Frames

Oliver Peoples Frames: A Fit for Every Face in Ashburn, VA

Finding the right glasses do not have to be a chore! The Doctors of Optometry at Optics&EYECARE are available to help you find the right frames and styles that fit your face shape and lifestyle. If you need prescription lenses and haven’t decided on which frames are right for you, come and check out our inventory of premium eyewear that includes frames from popular designers like Oliver Peoples.

Our staff will work with you to find the designer frames that you want, and they will ensure that your choice is the right fit for your lifestyle.

About Oliver Peoples Frames

Oliver Peoples creates those rare styles that look great on almost everyone! This brand is a favorite of Hollywood’s A-List as well as much more subdued business and fashion leaders, and you can tell that every pair is designed by the in-house team of fashion designers. If your look is understated and stylish, check out the great Oliver Peoples frames that are available at Optics&EYECARE.

​​​​​​​Premium eyewear is worth the added cost because of the higher quality, durability, and longer lifespan that they offer. Our staff loves Oliver Peoples frames because they always look professional without being too boring or unexciting. These frames are perfect for anyone who wants to be taken seriously but is also stylish!

Look to Oliver Peoples for Fashion Frames that Look Great

Many of our patients shy away from overly trendy or bold eyeglass frames, but even they think they look great in Oliver Peoples frames! This line of prescription lenses offers stylish and understated options for your glasses. This brand of premium eyewear is durable and constructed with high-quality materials that will look great no matter what your life throws at them!

​​​​​​​If you are looking for a style that seamlessly marries old-school cool with today’s top trends, Oliver Peoples has the frames for you. Our staff is dedicated to meeting the vision and eye care needs of our patients, and we will take the necessary time to ensure that you find the right frames for your prescription lenses, face shape, and lifestyle.

We Have the Fashion Frames You Want!

Whether you are looking for premium eyewear and fashion frames from Oliver Peoples, or any of the other top designer brands that we carry at Optics&EYECARE, we have what you want! (And if we don’t have the frames that you want we can probably order them for you!) Please give us a call today at (703) 687-4719 to set up an eye exam and consultation.

​​​​​​​Our office is conveniently located at 43150 Broadlands Center Plaza in Ashburn; we look forward to seeing you soon!