Symptoms and Treatment For Cataracts


While cataracts frequently develop as you age, some individuals may suffer from cataracts earlier due to diabetes, smoking, congenital conditions, or more. When you visit our optometry clinic for your annual eye exam, we’ll check for cataracts using a bright light.

The largest symptom of cataracts is a foggy vision, almost like you are looking through a foggy pane of glass. You may be unable to read, drive, work at a computer, or do other activities since you cannot see clearly. Your eyes can appear cloudy or filmy when you have cataracts.


Our Ashburn optometrist will screen for cataracts during the annual eye exam, or when you come in complaining of blurry or foggy vision. If we find cataracts that are advanced, we may refer you to an eye surgeon who can remove cataracts. Cataract removal is a safe procedure, and we will be on hand to supervise the pre-surgical care and your recovery.

In surgery, the cloudy lens is replaced by a clear lens. Your eyes will lose their filmy hue and you will enjoy clear sight once more. As your doctor who supervises cataract treatment, we will answer any questions you have about cataracts removal, what to expect with treatment, and when is the right time for cataract removal.

When we find early-stage cataracts, we typically take care of your vision needs and wait until cataracts grow large enough to disturb your vision. We may alter your prescription, so you can see comfortably despite cataracts. We may recommend you wear glasses while driving, to reduce the glare.


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