Swimming While Wearing Contact Lenses

Our Ashburn optometrist understands that summer months are full of unexpected delights. We know that residents of Ashburn, Sterling, Waxpool, Lansdowne, Brambleton, and Broadlands have many opportunities to be outside and enjoy the water during beautiful summer days. During these moments, do you think to remove your contacts before plunging into the water? Our eye doctor encourages you to put your eye health first and still be able to enjoy your summer fun.


Optics&EYECARE optometry center in Ashburn has taken great care to fit you with the ideal contact lenses. We want your vision at its best while at the same time offering comfortable lenses for your eyes. You may even forget you are wearing them and end up swimming with contact lenses. If you swim while wearing your lenses, you are risking an eye infection or dry eyes. The water from lakes contains bacteria and if you get the water in your eyes, it sits on your eyes where it can multiply and end up infecting the delicate membranes in your eyes. If you swim in a chlorinated pool, the high salt content of the water will dry out your lenses making them feel scratchy or uncomfortable. If the lens gets too dry, you may scratch your eye or have difficulties removing the contacts. Or, the water may push your contact lens out of your eye leaving you unable to see clearly.


If you must wear your contacts while swimming in order to be safe, we always recommend wearing protective goggles to limit the water exposure to your eyes. If swimming is something you participate in on a regular basis, we can fit you for daily wear, disposable lenses that you remove and throw away after you swim. If you are planning to spend the day at the beach, carry a small contact lens case and contact solution with you. Pop-out your lenses and store them before you enter the water. Wash your hands and put them in for a clear, infection-free drive home. Please call us with any questions at 703-687-4719.

Have you ever lost a contact lens while swimming, showering, or bathing?