Sports Safety Month is Here — Keep safe with eye protection

April is Sports Safety Month. It’s a good time to raise awareness that will help prevent injuries on the playing field and on the job too. Accidents are a regular occurrence but many can be prevented. Thousands of eye injuries happen to people each day when they are participating in sports or while at work. Of these up to 20 percent will cause temporary or permanent loss of vision according to Prevent Blindness. Taking precautions such as wearing proper eye protection can effectively prevent accidents of any size from happening.

To protect your eyes, come see us at Optics&EYECARE in Ashburn, VA. Our eye care includes checkups and advice on protective eyewear that can keep your eyes safe when you are enjoying sports and when you are on the job.

What are the risks to your eyes when you are active?

Depending on where you work or play, hazardous materials such as body fluids and particles can damage your eyes. Small bits of material can hit your eye and cause tearing. Some substances can cause burns. Exposure to hazardous materials can lead to numerous injuries including infectious disease. Poor ergonomics can be responsible for an entire range of problems including eye strain.

What types of eye protection are available?

Protecting your eyes from contaminants is an effective way to prevent injury. Eye strain can be avoided by taking regular breaks and moving around periodically rather than staying in a single position. Protection such as safety glasses or goggles that protect your entire face can eliminate considerable risk.

When choosing your eye protection a perfect fit is essential. Customized or adjustable fits are available. Your can get tips on safety by asking the Occupational Safety & Health Administration, or OSHA for assistance.

Optics&EYECARE will help you keep your eyes healthy

If you live in the Ashburn, VA area, visit Optics&EYECARE for all of your eye care needs. Our skilled optometrists can help if you sustained an eye injury, are looking for eye protection or need a checkup. We provide complete eye exams, glasses and contact lenses, specific eye tests and pre-surgery care.

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