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If you have vision problems and want to perform your best while playing a sport, sports glasses are the answer. Our professional doctor of optometry at Optics&EYECARE has helped athletes in the Ashburn, VA, area see better and play better for years.

What Are Sports Glasses?

Sports glasses offer athletes of all levels vision-correcting properties that help them to play at their absolute best. They are generally made from shatterproof material such as polycarbonate. These materials also resist scratching more effectively than plastic or glass lenses, making them effective at protecting vision while you play, more resistant to damage, and exceptionally durable.

There are many professional athletes that wear sports glasses. Some athletes have even begun to turn to sports glasses to improve their performance by correcting underlying vision imbalances.

Benefits of Sports Glasses for Athletes in Ashburn

If you need vision correction in your daily life, chances are you will perform at a higher level while wearing sports glasses. These special glasses ensure athletes can see clearly enough to react while playing as well as not have visual impediments in their way. With the right pair of sports glasses, athletes can improve their hand-eye coordination, response time, and agility.

Moreover, sports glasses provide protection for the eyes during sporting activities. They block wind, debris, glare from the sun, and provide protection from foreign objects and dry eye.

Sports glasses can also be tinted. Tinting can help enhance vision in low levels of light and filter blue light to sharpen the eye’s focus. It also reduces glare and brightness while heightening contrast during cloudy, sunny, or overcast conditions.

At Optics&EYECARE, our skilled doctor of optometry can help you choose the sports glasses that are right for your needs. We understand sports and the vision needs of athletes at every level.

Our Optometrist Can Provide You with Glasses for Your Sports Vision Needs

To speak to our caring, professional staff, you can schedule an appointment online, call Optics&EYECARE at (703) 687-4719, or visit our office in Ashburn to find out more.

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