Signs Your Child Might Have Vision Problems

Young children who have vision problems may not realize it. They often become used to having difficulty seeing; therefore, they won’t know that there is a problem. Because of this, it is up to you to recognize the signs that your child needs pediatric eye care.

Difficulty Reading

If your child is holding reading material closer to their face than they should, it could be due to vision problems. The same is true if your child often loses their place while reading. Some children focus so hard on trying to see what they are reading that they forget what they just read.

Frequent Headaches

If your child has a vision problem, they will need to strain to see what is on the page in front of them. This can cause eye fatigue which can lead to frequent headaches.

Frequent Blinking or Eye Rubbing

If your child is blinking frequently or rubbing their eyes, their vision may be blurry. Blinking or rubbing their eyes may bring blurry objects into focus for a second or two. If you notice this behavior, you should schedule a pediatric eye exam.

Covering One Eye To Read

If your child is covering one eye or closing one eye when they read, it is likely because they are trying to see what is on the page. Keeping one eye closed will briefly help your child see what is on the page.

Sitting Too Close To the TV

If your child is sitting too close to the TV, they could have a problem with their vision. The same is true if they are holding their phone, tablet, or their handheld video game too close to their face.

One Eye Is Pointing In or Out

If your child is looking straight ahead, but both eyes aren’t looking straight, you should take them to the eye doctor. Your child could be suffering from strabismus or amblyopia. With treatment, these conditions can be corrected, and your child’s eyes will start working together.

If you suspect that your child has a vision problem, you should schedule an appointment with Optics&EYECARE in Ashburn, VA. Our optometrist will perform a visual acuity test. We will also test your child’s eyes to make sure that they are functioning properly together. If your child needs correction or further treatment, we can provide that as well.