Sports Glasses in Ashburn, VA

Sports glasses can help you perform your best on and off the field. If you have vision problems and rely on corrective lenses, you may be a candidate for sports glasses. Learn more about why these glasses help athletic performance and how to get sports glasses in Ashburn, VA.

What are Sports Glasses?

Sports glasses offer vision correcting properties that help athletes of all levels play their very best. Typically, these glasses are made using polycarbonate or a different shatterproof material. Polycarbonate is also more resistant to scratching than glass and plastic. As a result, sports glasses are highly durable, damage-resistant, and effective at protecting your vision while you play.

While many professional athletes use sports glasses, college and high school athletes are also turning to sports glasses to correct underlying vision imbalances that impact their performance.

Benefits of Sports Glasses for Athletes

Athletes who need vision correction for daily life are able to perform at a higher level when they wear sports glasses. These glasses not only correct vision impediments but also can ensure that athletes can clearly see and react while they play. The right pair of sports glasses can improve your agility, response time, hand-eye coordination, and enjoyment while playing your sport.

Sports glasses also block wind, sun glare, and debris from harming the eyes. Not only can this prevent dry eye and irritation from foreign objects, it can make playing sports more enjoyable and comfortable. Sports goggles offer even greater protection and can be suitable for skiers, snowboarders, motorcyclists, and other athletes. Some styles of sports glasses and goggles also protect the sides of the eyes. This helps prevent water, mud, sand, and wind from affecting vision.

If you play outdoors in Ashburn, VA, you can select sports glasses that are coated with UV protection or tinted to enhance your vision in low light levels; heighten contrast in overcast, sunny, or cloudy conditions; filter blue light to sharpen focus; or reduce brightness.

You don’t need to be a performance athlete to enjoy sports glasses. If you are someone who wears glasses and plays sports or works out recreationally, you could benefit greatly from a pair of sports glasses.

How to Get Sports Glasses

At Optics&EYECARE, we offer a full range of sports glasses for all athletes. If you already have a prescription with us, we can easily write a sports glasses prescription and help you find a pair to meet your needs. Don’t have a prescription with us? No problem. We can perform an eye exam, write a prescription, and fit you for your sports glasses. We use a one-on-one approach to help provide all of our patients with vision correcting products that meet their needs and fit their lifestyle.

To learn more about sports glasses in Ashburn, VA or discuss anything else, please contact us at (703) 687-4719. We can perform a comprehensive eye exam, help you find the right pair of sports glasses, and ensure that you have everything you need, vision-wise, to excel at your sport.