Benjamin Franklin invented bifocal eyeglasses in 1784. What’s interesting (and perhaps a little sad) is that the bifocals of today look much the same as the ingenious invention of more than 200 years ago.

That’s why your eye doctor at Optics&EYECARE in Ashburn, VA is so pleased to show you no-line lenses — a popular update of the traditional bifocal and trifocal lenses.

People switch to bifocals because, as they get older, they often have difficulties seeing objects up close and at a distance. These are two very different vision problems, and they typically require two different types of lenses and eyeglasses.

No More Switching Eyeglasses

When people with presbyopia (nearsighted and farsighted vision) grow tired of constantly switching from reading glasses to the eyeglasses they use for driving, they consider a switch to bifocals. This is the familiar lens with a horizontal dividing line so that two lenses fit in one pair of eyeglasses: a bottom lens for reading or seeing things up close and a top lens for seeing objects at a distance.

A variation on bifocals is an eyeglass with three separate lenses built in one each for near, far and intermediate distances. These are called trifocals.

A Stylish Presbyopia Solution

Some people feel that the traditional bifocals and trifocals (collectively called multifocal) make them look old. That’s probably because people typically develop both nearsighted and farsighted vision problems as they age. Thus, the tell-tale lines are a giveaway that you’ve had a few birthdays.

No line lenses are just as their name suggests. Also known as progressive lenses, they’re bifocals or trifocals without that dividing line in the lens. Instead, it’s a single lens that graduates from prescription magnification for reading or close-up work at the bottom of the glass to a prescription magnification level for intermediate or distance viewing.

The absence of lines makes no-line lenses a more stylish-looking eyeglass that just might make you look younger. You’ll also like the gradual, no lines transition between what is known as the power zones of vision.

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