Prior to considering LASIK refractive surgery, patients need to be fully informed and educated about the benefits and risks of the surgery. Plus, there are factors that need to be evaluated, as they may lead to potential complications. The optometrist plays a key role in this process with a one-on-one consultation. During the consultation, patient education topics should include realistic expectations, alternative corrections, normal side effects of LASIK, risk for complications and postoperative care. Specific tests for eye status should also be completed, such as unstable refractive error, systemic disease, corneal thickness, ocular disease and large pupils. For example, a thorough peripheral fundus exam is needed to eliminate the possibility of retinal thinning or partial detachments that may lead to problems during LASIK refractive surgery. The diameter of the pupils should be measured, as those with large pupils may experience night vision problems after LASIK refractive surgery.

Following LASIK refractive surgery, the co-managing optometrist will set up a schedule for a follow-up. The typical co-management plan includes an evaluation post-surgery visit one day, one week, one month and three months. If needed, patients may be seen up to 12 months after surgery. During these visits, vision and corneal healing are monitored, and there is a review of any patient medications. Evaluations of any additional needs, such as enhancement laser procedures or reading glasses, are also included.

Optics&EYECARE: LASIK in Ashburn

Optics&EYECARE offers LASIK in Ashburn. Our optometrist, Dr. Mohanan provides consultation for LASIK and is dedicated to helping patients achieve their vision goals. She will evaluate your eyes to determine if you are a good candidate for LASIK refractive surgery in Ashburn. If there are no contraindications for the procedure, Dr. Mohanan will do a pre-operative evaluation and consultation. This consultation and evaluation include:

  • Counseling on refractive surgery options
  • Review of vision history and refractive stability
  • Medical evaluation of the eye and cornea
  • Eye dominancy testing
  • Current refraction status

If the decision is made that you are a good candidate for LASIK refractive surgery, a date for surgery will be scheduled. Post-operative management will be provided by Dr. Mohanan and include multiple follow-up visits over a period of time from the date of surgery. It is important that she evaluate the healing of the eye during these follow-up visits.

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Today, LASIK refractive surgery is a popular procedure to correct nearsightedness and farsightedness. Likely, the lack of pain and its efficacy make it a popular choice. Good vision is generally achieved by the very next day. The eye surgeon uses a laser to remove corneal tissue and to reshape the cornea. If you are considering LASIK refractive surgery, turn to us at Optics&EYECARE. Dr. Mohanan will do a comprehensive evaluation pre-surgery and set up a co-management plan. Our goal is to provide you with the best patient eye care.

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