Correcting your vision in Ashburn, VA does not necessarily mean wearing contact lenses or glasses for a lifetime. In certain situations, Dr. Seema Mohanan recommends LASIK eye surgery to help accomplish your goals and improve your vision.

What is LASIK Eye Surgery?

LASIK eye surgery refers to a laser treatment to correct and improve your vision by addressing the underlying complications with your eyes. Although the treatment helps improve your vision, the results of treatment vary between individuals and it may not result in perfect vision. In most cases, you will notice positive changes to your visual health and your ability to see objects at different distances.

Generally, the treatment is safe and does not cause physical pain through the procedure. Before recommending LASIK treatments, we evaluate your specific needs and explain the potential risks and benefits associated with the treatment. At Optics&EYECARE, we provide pre-operative care to prepare individuals for the process and provide details about the activities and behaviors to avoid before treatment to limit complications and improve your potential results.

Impact on Vision

The impact on your vision after the laser treatment depends on the situation and your specific eyes. It strives to improve the way light refracts in your eyes, which improves your vision. Since many problems associated with your vision stem from the shape of your eyes and the way light refracts into the retina due to the natural lenses on your eyes, LASIK treatments work on improving the underlying problems with light refraction.

By refracting light into the retina, you gain sharper and more precise vision. While the treatment may help, it does not mean you will always have perfect results. In some cases, your vision improves dramatically and you do not need glasses or contact lenses. In other situations, you will see improvements, but may still need glasses or contact lenses with a lower prescription.

Our Vision Correction Services for the Communities of Ashburn, Broadlands, Waxpool, Sterling, Brambleton, and Lansdowne

Although we do not provide LASIK eye surgery directly at Optics&EYECARE, we help individuals determine if it is appropriate for their needs and offer pre-operative services to prepare for the process. We also provide post-operative services to evaluate the changes to your vision, ensure that your eyes heal and improve after treatment and help you maintain your vision for a lifetime.

If you determine that you want the treatment, then we provide an eye exam to evaluate your eyes. Dr. Seema Mohanan explains the surgical procedure and makes recommendations when your eyes will benefit from the treatment. We also explain the reasons you may not qualify for the treatment in certain situations and give you other options when your eyes will not benefit from LASIK treatments.

Caring for your eyes requires the right tools and options to improve your vision. Although LASIK treatments do not necessarily address every concern associated with visual changes and eye health, it can improve your vision in certain situations. To learn more about the surgical procedure or for an appointment to examine your eyes, contact us today at (703) 687-4719.