Contact Lens Evaluations From Your Ashburn Optometrist

We know that many of our clients prefer wearing contact lenses to glasses because they provide clearer vision for longer. Whether you are new to wearing contacts or need to change your prescription, you need an evaluation with routine follow-up care from our optometrists.

When does our Ashburn Optometrist Recommend a Contact Lens Evaluation?

If you are switching from glasses to contacts, you will need a contact lens exam. We will also do a fitting, which is the key to making sure that we fit you with contact lenses that not only meet your vision needs, they are comfortable to wear. Every year thereafter, we will do a contact lens evaluation and fitting as part of your routine eye exam.

What Does our Eye Doctor Measure During a Contact Lens Evaluation?

Contact lenses go over the cornea, which are differently shaped on people. To ensure your contacts fit you, we need to check the shape of your cornea. Some people have corneal damage or other underlying conditions that can make it difficult for them to wear contacts. It is important that we check your eye health and corneal condition to make sure that contacts are a good choice for you.

What to expect during an evaluation for contact lenses in Ashburn

Our optometrist in Ashburn will perform a contact lens evaluation after an eye examination. We do this because our eye doctors need to perform supplemental testing specifically related to contact lens fitting.

In addition to the corneal measurements mentioned above, we will check the health of your corneas, eyelids, and conjunctiva. We want to make sure that contact lenses will not negatively affect the overall health of your eyes! If we determine contacts are not appropriate for you, we will discuss your alternatives.

If we feel that you are a good candidate for contacts, we will discuss the different types of contact lenses with you. There are many different factors that go into choosing contacts, from the health and shape of your cornea to the strength of your vision prescription. You may also be able to choose from disposable, traditional, or long wear contacts to suit your lifestyle. We will discuss everything with you so you know what to expect, and are happy to answer any questions that you may have.

Next, we will put the contacts in your eyes and make sure that they fit correctly with your cornea and your lids. We want to check the fit quality before you leave our office, since a poor fit will cause eye pain and vision problems. Finally, before you leave we will check your vision when wearing the contact lenses. This helps ensure that we got everything right to leave you with the highest quality of vision!

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