What to Know About Bifocal Contact Lenses as Noted by an Ashburn, VA Optometry Specialist

You might think just because you’re both nearsighted and farsighted you’re limited on vision correction options. However, you may benefit from wearing bifocal contacts since you only require contacts and not a pair of glasses in addition to them. Optics&EYECARE serves Ashburn, VA and the surrounding area to provide them with options like bifocal contacts to optimize their vision at different levels.

About Bifocal Contact Lenses

Bifocal contacts are a type of vision correction that helps those who have difficulty seeing up close as well as far away. These contacts combine two different prescriptions in each contact. A single contact offers a range of powers to help you see clearly at different angles.

We offer two main varieties. One has specific regions that are set up for far and near. The person looks through the different regions to either read or look far away. You can also receive bifocal contact lenses with a segmented design, which offers different distances depending on whether you look in the center or top portion of the lens.

Determining Your Prescription

Our optometry practitioner begins your examination as usual. This helps check to see if you’re having vision problems seeing far away or close up. You read a series of lines of print, and we can determine where your vision deficits lie and to what degree. Based on your results, we customize a prescription to help you see clearly. If you’re both nearsighted and farsighted, we’ll recommend bifocal lenses.

Sizing You for Bifocal Contacts

We learn the dimensions of your eyes by having you look into a machine that gathers information about your eyes. In particular, it measures the diameter of your eyes. Then, we use the information to have your bifocal lenses made based on the size you need and the prescription.

Choosing a Brand

Advancements in the manufacturing of contacts now allow people to choose from a variety of bifocal contact lens options. For instance, bifocal lenses are now available in both soft and rigid gas-permeable. You may even receive hybrid lenses, which are a combination of gas-permeable and soft lenses. The center is harder and gas-permeable while the outer edge is soft.

You may choose from bifocal lenses that you dispose of monthly, weekly, or daily. We’ll discuss with you the benefits and price, so you can make a decision on the best ones for you. Then, we find a brand that offers this type of contacts in your prescription.

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