Private Style Consultation

Introducing our Private Eye Style Consultation Service, where you can experience a personalized eyewear shopping experience like no other. Our expert opticians are dedicated to helping you find the perfect frames that not only enhance your vision but also reflect your unique style and personality.

During your private consultation, our opticians will take the time to understand your preferences and needs and guide you through our extensive collection of designer frames. With their expert advice, you'll learn how to pick frames that best suit your face shape, skin tone, and lifestyle.

We believe that every face is unique, which is why we offer personalized recommendations based on your specific facial features. Here are some common face shapes and tips on how to pick frames that complement them:

  1. Round - Angular frames such as square or rectangular shapes can add definition to a round face.

  2. Oval - Oval faces are versatile, and most frame shapes work well with this face shape. However, try to avoid frames that are too oversized or too small.

  3. Square - Round or oval frames can soften the angles of a square face, while narrow frames can lengthen the face.

  4. Heart - Frames that are wider at the bottom, such as cat-eye or aviator styles, can balance a heart-shaped face.

  5. Diamond - Rimless or oval frames can complement the high cheekbones and narrow forehead of a diamond-shaped face.

Book your Private Eye Style Consultation today and let us help you find the perfect frames that not only look great but also make you feel confident and comfortable.