Pediatric Eye Doctor

Here at Optics&EYECARE in Ashburn, we offer pediatric eye exams with our optometrist, Dr. Seema Mohanan. Our eye tests for kids test for refractive errors and vision problems that are not associated with visual acuity, like tracking and teaming, depth perception, pupil reaction, and color detection.


There are several benefits to getting an eye test for kids. Getting regular eye exams for your child can help find vision problems before they result in learning problems and developmental delays. This is because many skills, including hand/eye coordination, reading, and judging distance, rely on your child’s ability to see clearly and process visual information. When your child cannot see clearly, you may notice that he or she frequently skips or reverses words while reading out loud. If your child participates in sports or recreational activities, you may notice that your child is not improving as expected. Instead of thinking that your child has a learning disability or is not good at sports, schedule an appointment with our pediatric eye doctor to check for eye problems.


Our optometrist, Dr. Seema Mohanan offers pediatric eye exams for toddlers, preschoolers, grade school-aged children, and teenagers. Each eye exam for kids includes testing for visual acuity at near and far distances, eye movement, tracking and teaming, depth perception, color identification, and pupil reaction. We also test your child’s ability to focus and his or her hand/eye coordination.

We recommend initial eye exams at six months of age to check for proper eye development and pupil reaction. Your child should then receive an eye exam at three years of age and again when your child is five or six years old. School-aged children and teenagers should receive annual eye exams before the start of each school year.

To schedule an appointment with our pediatric eye doctor, call us at 703-687-4719. When you call, ask about our new patient specials. We are currently offering 10 percent off your first visit to our eye clinic.