Choosing the Best Optometrists for Your Vision Doctor Needs

We are so excited to have you here at Optics&EYECARE with Dr. Mohanan. Our optometry service located in Ashburn and serving the areas of Broadlands, Waxpool, Sterling, Brambleton, and Lansdowne offers everything you need to gain the best sight forward. To ensure your first visit to optometrists is a pleasant one, please take a look at the services available at Optics&EYECARE along with what you need to know prior to your first optometry doctor visit.

When Should I Visit the Optometrist?

As you consider whether or not you should go see an eye doctor, the first thing to consider is your age. For children under age 18 they should see an optometrist for a basic vision exam every year or two. If you are older than 40 years, you need to see an eye doctor every two to four years depending on age-related issues and health conditions. For example if you have diabetes related eye conditions, such as diabetic retinopathy, then you should visit the optometrists at Optics&EYECARE more often, such as every six months to annually. For patients who have contact lens or LASIK surgery on their eyes, a more rigorous exam schedule may be prescribed.

What Should I Expect to Happen on My First Eye Doctor Visit in Ashburn, VA?

Be prepared for your first exam, which will take approximately an hour to complete. Have all of the necessary insurance cards and health history paperwork on hand so you can quickly fill out paperwork at Optics&EYECARE.

What Types of Tests on the Eyes are Carried Out at Optics&EYECARE?

Your optometrist will typically check eye muscle movement, visual acuity, pupillary reactions, and refraction testing. You may also get tested using retinoscopy or the slit lamp aka biomicroscope. Other more intricate tests include glaucoma testing, pupil dilation, pachymetry and perimetry. All of these tests will indicate risk factors or current issues of concern for your vision. However, you may not be tested on all areas during your first vision exam. If you feel like the optometrist may have overlooked a health condition or concern, make sure to bring this up during the exam so you aren’t left wondering after the appointment is over.

Getting Vision Testing in Our Optometry Clinic for the Ashburn, Broadlands, Waxpool, Sterling, Brambleton, and Lansdowne Communities

In order to make the most of your first vision doctor visit at Optics&EYECARE we want to help. By answering your most frequently asked questions we hope to help you feel more at ease for your first appointment. If you are ready to make your initial optometry appointment at Optics&EYECARE call us today at 703-810-7784. Our optometry service is here to help you start seeing more clearly!