Importance of Kids Eye Exams

At Optics&EYECARE in Ashburn, we do our best to educate area parents about the benefits of kids eye exams. Knowing when and why to bring your child to the optometry professional can help you maintain your child’s vision.

Why Get An Eye Exam?

There are many ways that children benefit from eye exams in Ashburn. For example:

  1. Many children aren’t aware they have eye problems. Young children who have poor vision or other eye problems may not be aware that their eyes aren’t working properly. Taking your child to the eye doctor is the only way to find out if your child has healthy eyes.
  2. Children need to see properly to do well in school. Children who have poor vision may not be able to see the whiteboard, homework assignments or the books they’re supposed to read in class. This can impact your child’s ability to perform in school.
  3. Some eye problems can be misdiagnosed as learning disabilities. Children who can’t see properly may find it difficult to focus on school work. Sometimes this can be misdiagnosed as a learning disability, and may even be diagnosed as ADD or ADHD.

When To Get A Kids-Eye Exam

Parents should bring their children into the optometrist at the beginning of every school year. It’s also a good idea to bring your child in if he or she displays the following symptoms:

-Blurry vision

-Difficulty focusing on written words

-Sensitivity to light

-Needs finger to follow words on the page

Children who insist on sitting very close to the television, in the front of the class or close to anything visual may be experiencing vision problems. Talk to your child’s eye doctor if you notice any of these behaviors.

Contact Your Optometrist in Ashburn

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