Importance of Eye Exam for Kids

One of the leading causes of failing grades in schoolchildren is an inability to see books or the front of the class. You take your child to the doctor for a preschool wellness checkup; what about an eye exam for kids? Taking your child to a kid’s eye doctor is one of the best ways to ensure her school year will be the most successful one possible. Our pediatric optometrist, Dr. Mohanan, recommends you bring your child into our office for a vision exam every year before school starts.


Every child needs a complex set of vision skills, and an exam is the best way to make sure your children are corrected if they’re not working properly. Some of the visual skills your child needs are:

  • Eye teaming, which is coordinating both eyes together when tracking words on a page or when judging distances in sports

  • Visual acuity is the ability to see clearly to the front of the room, at arm’s length at a computer monitor, and close up for book reading

  • Eye focusing, which is the ability to see clearly when quickly moving the eye from one distance to another

  • Hand-eye coordination is the ability to coordinate seeing with the movement of hands or fingers. This is important in writing and art as well as in sports

  • Visual perception is the ability to organize shapes on a printed page and recognize them. This is crucial for your child’s reading skills

If your child hasn’t had an eye examination in at least one year, make an appointment at our Ashburn, VA Optics&EYECARE office. Our friendly staff will be happy to set up an appointment that fits your busy schedule.

When it comes to eyesight, kids usually can’t tell you when they’re having trouble seeing. They don’t have enough experience for comparison. If your child has had problems with their eyesight, what were the first clues that tipped her off?