How to Prepare For An Eye Exam

Tips to Prepare for Your Next Eye Exam

The eyes are one of the most important organs of the body because they give you the ability to see. To ensure that your eyes are healthy, you will need to visit an optometrist for an eye exam. Eye exams are vital assessments that can determine if you have an eye or vision problem. But, before your eye exam can take place, you need to be prepared for it. Below are several tips that our optometrist at Optic&EYECARE in Ashburn recommends that you should do to help ensure you are properly prepared for your appointment.

Know Your Insurance Coverage

The last thing you want to hear after your appointment is to find out the services provided were not covered by your insurance provider. While we accept most insurance and offer payment plans, it is still important to contact your insurance provider to know what eye care services are accepted. It will save you unnecessary expenses.

Write Down Concerns Since Last Examination

A few days before you go to see our optometrist, you should write down any eye health and vision concerns that you have had since the last examination. If you have had periods of eye pain, blurriness, or other issues, you should bring them up with our eye doctor. By writing them down before you go to your appointment, you can ensure that you remember all of these concerns when the time comes.

Bring Your Contacts or Glasses

Our optometrist will want to make sure that your current contacts or glasses are working well for you. During your eye exam, we will test your vision while you wear your contacts or glasses. By doing this, it will give us an idea of whether you need to change your prescription.

Contact Us to Schedule Your Next Eye Exam

If you are overdue for an eye exam, then make an appointment with Optics&EYECARE in Ashburn today. When you contact us, we can answer all of your questions that you have about the examination process and what needs to be done to prepare for it properly. Our number is 703-687-4719.

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