How do you Heal a Scratched Eye?

How Do You Heal a Scratched Eye? Information from our Ashburn Optometrist

Whether you have a scratch on your eye from debris getting in or from trauma, it is important to know what to do about it. Proper healing is crucial in order to lower the risk of vision problems. Keep the following information from our Optics&EYECARE Ashburn optometrist in mind when you have a scratched eye.

What Not to Do for a Scratched Eye

When your eye has a scratch, avoid touching it or applying any pressure to it. Even rubbing your eye can make your injury worse. You should also avoid putting any ointment on your eye or rinsing it with tap water to try and soothe or heal the scratch.

What You Should Do for a Scratched Eye

No matter how mild or severe a scratch on the eye is, medical attention is important. Scratches on the eye can become infected or end up impairing your vision without treatment. If you have debris in your eye still, make sure you do not rub at all, since this can create additional scratches or make your existing scratch worse. If you have sterile saline eye wash available, you can use this to rinse your eye. For a minor scratch, you should see an eye doctor as soon as possible for proper care and treatment. For a major scratch or injury, especially if you continue to have pain or redness, you should go to your nearest emergency room for prompt treatment.

Healing an Eye Injury

Depending on how severe the scratch is, you might need to apply antibiotic eye drops to the affected eye. In some cases, steroids or other medications are needed as well. If you normally wear contact lenses, avoid putting them in until your eye has fully healed. For major or deep scratches, you can expect to have a follow-up visit to ensure that your eye is properly healing.

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