Halloween Eye Makeup and Decorative Contact Lens

Information on Halloween Eye Makeup and Decorative Contact Lens

Our Ashburn optometrist. Dr. Seema Mohanan, wants everyone in your family to be safe this Halloween and this includes eye safety. Please be aware of the dangers of colored contact lenses and Halloween makeup and what they can do to your eyes if not properly administered.

Can Halloween Eye Makeup Give You an Eye Infection?

Costume makeup can give you an eye infection like conjunctivitis if it gets into your eyes, so be careful when applying. Always check the dates on cosmetics, as expired makeup could cause an eye infection too.

If you aren’t careful when doing your makeup, you could scratch your cornea with a makeup applicator or wand. Symptoms of a scratched cornea include blurred vision, feeling like something is stuck in your eye, or eye pain.

In some cases, you may be allergic to one of the ingredients in the makeup, and suffer symptoms including swelling, redness, and irritation of the eyes or skin.

If you experience any of these vision symptoms, remove the makeup as quickly as you can and seek help from an optometry professional.

Decorative Contact Lens Dangers

The color contact lens packages sold on Halloween pose similar eye risks. These decorative contact lenses were not FDA approved, and there was no manufacturing oversight. Finally, the lenses are “one size fits all” and may be too large for your eyes. When putting the colored contact lens in, you could scratch your cornea.

Colored contact lenses could cause a bacterial infection of the eye or even scar your eye, leaving you with lasting eye damage. In some cases, individuals have gone blind from a single use of these contacts.

If you or someone you know uses non-prescription contact, know the symptoms of eye pain. If you experience redness, irritation, pain, or discharge, remove the lenses and seek optometrist care.

The only safe contact lenses are prescription lenses, available from your eye doctor.

Get Safe Prescribed Color Contact Lens from Our Ashburn Optometrists

If you want contacts for your Halloween costume, yet want to protect your eyes, come to our Ashburn optometry clinic. Our eye doctor, Dr. Mohanan, can fit you for prescription contact lenses in any color. Call (703) 687-4719 to make your appointment.

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