Eye Strains and Problems with Smartphone, Tablets, and Laptop Usage

Our Ashburn Optometrists See Increase in Eye Strain and Other Issues Stemming from Regular Use of Smartphones, Tablets and Laptops

Optometrists are probably no longer surprised by the increasing number of patients who visit their office’s eye doctor to discuss issues that arise from regular use of technology, such as smartphones, tablets and laptops. Dr. Mohanan, our Ashburn eye doctor at Optics&EYECARE, as well the rest of our optometry staff, is aware of the ever-increasing usage of personal digital devices and the havoc they can wreak on vision. We want to help you protect your eyes to accommodate all the new technology on that is, inevitably, on the horizon.

Optometry for the Digital Age to Keep Your Eyes Healthy and Your Vision Strong

Dr. Mohanan understands that, in our modern world, personal technology is as much a necessity as it was once more associated with games and hobbies. These days, most people — much of our staff included — use smartphones, tablets and laptops as extensions of our thought processes and work life, making them non-negotiable.

Accepting our need for small portable devices are a mainstay in modern life and the potential vision risks involved, we feel it is important to take special care of your eyes with some basic eye care services:

  • Annual Eye Exams. This routine part of eye care helps Dr. Mohanan detect vision issues, such as farsightedness or nearsightedness to prevent you from straining your eyes, unnecessarily. The keener your eyesight when using technology, the better.
  • Increased Comfort Recommendations. During your annual eye exam and wellness visit, or during an appointment for problems, our eye doctor and optometry team can recommend options to increase comfort and provide relief for your eyes while using your personal device. Ideas such as holding your device at angles to reduce glare and using special reading glasses can reduce headaches and other problems.

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