Eye Injury Care from Our Ashburn Optometrist

Some parts of the body were simply never meant to take abuse and that includes the sensitive tissues of the eyes. Acute impacts, corneal abrasions, foreign objects, corrosive liquids, and other painful encounters can cause serious discomfort and even loss of vision. When trouble finds your eye, it’s good to know where to find skilled eye injury care and you can obtain that care from our Ashburn optometrist at Optics&EYECARE, Dr. Mohanan.

Common Eye Injury Issues

Anyone can experience minor eye irritation from a random speck of dust, allergen, infection, or temporary dryness. These situations may subside on their own or they may benefit from routine care at our clinic. An eye injury, however, often poses a more immediate threat to your ocular well-being.  Damage to the affected eye may grow progressively more severe the longer you go without treatment, with some types of injuries potentially causing permanent vision loss. Common kinds of eye injuries include:

  • Scratched Eye – A scratched eye may result from even the smallest particles scraping against the tissues of the sclera or cornea. If the cause goes untreated, corneal scratches may form scar tissue that interferes with normal vision.
  • Embedded Object – Objects thrown from machinery or blown by strong winds may actually embed themselves in the eye. These objects not only cause severe pain and acute vision problems, but they also open the door to dangerous infections.
  • Chemical Injury – If your work around corrosive chemicals, it’s possible for these chemicals to damage your eyes. Acids, alkaline substances, and neutral-pH irritants can all have immediate, devastating effects.
  • Impact Injury – A blunt impact to the eye can cause obvious, acute injury, not just to the eye itself but also to the bones and tissues surrounding it. In addition to the proverbial “black eye,” you may also experience bleeding in the eye or inflammation of the iris.

Our Eye Doctor Is Ready to Help

You should always treat an eye injury as an emergency if only to prevent more extensive damage from occurring. Start by calling our clinic and asking for any specific instructions. Once you arrive at Optics&EYECARE, our eye doctor can quickly and accurately assess the problem and provide the necessary first aid. We can remove foreign objects, wash out chemicals, apply bandages, prescribe anti-inflammatory or antibiotic medication, and refer you to any specialized care you might need, including surgery.

Don’t Delay Treatment – Contact Optics&EYECARE Today!

Don’t assume that your eye injury can wait for treatment. Take immediate action by calling Optics&EYECARE at (703) 687-4719. A timely trip to our optometrist could make all the difference to your eyesight!