Eye Treatment for Common Eye Infections in Ashburn, VA

An eye infection can occur when an individual is exposed to bacteria, viruses, or fungi that invade eye tissues and begin to reproduce. The cornea or conjunctiva, the moist membrane that lines the outer and inner eyelids are usually involved. You can acquire an eye infection from microorganisms in the environment or from other people. Eye infections can be quite uncomfortable and can easily affect your ability to work and play.

Symptoms of Eye Infection

An eye infection will generally produce a number of symptoms that can range from mild to severe. Eye discharge, redness, itching, blurred vision, swelling of the eyes, watering, light sensitivity, and pain are common signs or symptoms you may experience with an eye infection. If you notice these symptoms, contact your eye doctor immediately for a diagnosis of the problem and appropriate treatment. If you wear contact lenses, you should switch to eyeglasses until you see your optometrist for diagnosis and treatment.

Common Eye Infections

Conjunctivitis often called “pink eye ” is one of the more common eye infections the general population encounters. It is a highly contagious infection that is caused by bacteria or viruses, passed along by close contact with other people.

Fungal keratitis is another type of infection, it can be transmitted by contaminated contact lens cleaning solutions or from a scratch injury from something like a tree branch.

Viral keratitis conditions, such as ocular herpes, can result from exposure to the Herpes simplex virus.

Your Ashburn, VA Optometrist Can Provide Help For Eye Infections

Optometrists complete a four-year doctorate program in optometry, often with post-doctorate training in specific areas of eye care. They are trained to diagnose and provide eye treatment for infections, in addition to offering other services to ensure your eye health. Your Optics&EYECARE eye doctor will check for infections routinely as part of your regular eye exams.

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