Dry Eye Treatment at Optics&EYECARE, Our Ashburn VA Optometry Clinic

If you’re suffering from constant or frequently recurring eye redness, irritation and vision problems, you may be one of the many Americans struggling with the condition known as dry eye. Dry eye isn’t just an annoyance that interferes with your ability to work or enjoy life — it can also put your eyes’ health at significant risk. Instead of simply enduring the discomfort, you need to get those dry eyes diagnosed and treated at Optics&EYECARE. Our Ashburn optometrist, Dr. Seema Mohanan, can find the solution to your dry eye problem.

What’s Drying Out Your Eyes?

Under normal conditions, your eyes and their surrounding tissues are very good at protecting your ocular health. Your tear glands produce a mix of substances that go together to form a tear film across the eye. This tear film, which is renewed every time you blink, contains three separate layers — a water layer to hydrate the eye, a mucous layer to provide disease protection, and a lipid layer to lubricate the eye’s surface. If all three of these substances are present in the right quantities and proportions, you may experience dry eyes.

A variety of problems can impair tear production and maintenance. Normal aging is the most common factor, but diseases such as Sjogren’s syndrome or conditions that interfere with your blinking ability can also lead to dry eyes. Certain medications have a drying effect on the eyes. Even your daily computer use could be a factor since eyes often “forget” to blink while staring at a monitor. The breeze from an overhead fan can aggravate the drying effect.

Dry Eye Symptoms and Complications

Dry eye is characterized by a variety of annoying and uncomfortable symptoms. These may include:

  • Blurred vision
  • Redness
  • Itching or fatigue
  • A feeling that something is always in your eye
  • Mucous buildup in/around the eyes
  • Watery eyes (a reaction to eye irritation)

If you think you don’t need to see an eye doctor for this condition, think again. The dryness exposes your eye to viruses, bacteria, and abrasions that can eventually cause corneal damage and vision loss.

Our Optometrist Can Diagnose and Treat Dry Eyes

The optometrist at our eye clinic, Dr. Seema Mohanan, is highly skilled at diagnosing and treating conditions such as the dry eye. Analysis of your tears can reveal specific underlying medical issues that may require attention. Your lifestyle and environment can also tell us much. Our eye doctor can then recommend the treatment methods such as:

  • High-viscosity or low-viscosity artificial tears
  • Prescription eye drops or lubricants
  • Punctal plugs to help the eyes retain moisture
  • Lifestyle changes such as taking more computer breaks or discontinuing ceiling fan use

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