Different Types of Contact Lenses

At Optics&EYECARE in Ashburn, we offer a wide variety of contact lens types. The right lens for you might depend on your eyesight, your lifestyle, or even your job. After getting a comprehensive eye examination, your optometrist will sit down with you to discuss exactly what type of lenses are right for you. Almost any set of contact lenses can correct your vision, but finding the right lens that fits your life is a little more complicated than just filling a prescription.


Your age, your employment, and even your leisure time habits will affect the right contact lens choice for your eyes. Some of the more common types are:

  • Soft Contacts – Soft and flexible, these lenses offer comfortable to use but must be cleaned every night

  • Rigid Gas Permeable Contacts – These lenses are hard and might take longer to get used to, but they offer superior vision and can be less expensive compared to soft contact lenses

  • Extended Wear Contacts – These lenses are meant to be worn overnight, and can be made to be used for up to 30 days before changing.

  • Disposable Contacts – By far the most popular type of contact lenses today, disposables are meant to be worn once and then thrown away. You always have a fresh, clean pair of lenses in your eyes, and don’t have to worry about nightly cleaning. Disposable lenses offer the best protection against eye infections

  • Toric Lenses – If you have astigmatism, the eye doctor will prescribe toric lenses. These contacts have two or more different prescriptions in one lens, and a special, almost-invisible spot on the edge of the lens keeps it right side up on your eye

  • Decorative Lenses – Have you ever wanted purple eyes? Want to turn your hazel eyes into emerald green? Decorative lenses can change the color of your eyes without coloring what you see. Our optometrist can even prescribe colored contact lenses without a prescription if you don’t need your eyes corrected

Our doctors of optometry prescribe thousands of pairs of contact lenses each year. Call our office at (703) 687-4719 to make an appointment today.