Contact Lens Health Week in August

Contact Lens Health Week in August with Your Ashburn Optometrist

The fifth annual Contact Lens Health Week is due to be celebrated in August 2018. This beneficial event is run by the CDC and is a helpful tool in promoting healthy habits when wearing and caring for contact lenses in Ashburn. If you wear contact lenses, or if you are thinking about wearing them in the future, knowing these helpful points will ensure your eyes are in optimal health while you obtain vision correction with contact lenses wear.

Keeping Each Contact Lens Clean

When you handle a contact lens, it is imperative that you wash your hands beforehand. This will eliminate any debris from your fingertips, keeping them from damaging or dirtying your contact lenses. Make sure to purchase the right cleaning agent for your specific type of contact lenses. An optometrist will help you if you are unsure about which type to use. Follow all instructions provided on the cleaning agent’s packaging directions.

Different Types of Contact Lenses

An optometrist at Optics&EYECARE will help you pick out the right type of contact lenses to improve your vision. After tests are conducted, they will make a recommendation regarding what type would work best for your medical status. Contact lenses come in a variety of wear lengths, from daily contacts that are thrown away after one use, to monthly-wear contacts that can be reinserted daily for up to 30 days. Contact lenses can be worn by those with slight astigmatism and colored lenses are options for those who wish to change their overall appearance.

Benefits Contact Wearers Enjoy

Those who wear contact lens enjoy having an unobstructed view of their facial features. Contact lenses allow for full-range vision clarity, unlike glasses which allow for blurry vision when looking past the perimeter of frames. Those who engage in sports also find contact lenses to make it easier to interact and move around as there is no fear of breaking lenses.

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