Common Conditions That Can Be Caught During An Eye Exam

Routine eye care can catch a whole range of problems with your eyes when you do go in for your exam. Optics&EYECARE in the Ashburn area offers a great yearly exam that can protect your eyes and catch any issues your eyes might be having.

What Does an Eye Exam Include?

Eye exams are a must and each year they can help to protect your eyes from being damaged and from illnesses and other issues. Your annual eye exam is going to include a visual inspection of the eye, a look on the inside of the eye, and of course talking to you about any issues that you have been having. This is going to help to make sure that if you are having eye problems, you can talk with your doctor and they can help determine what might be causing those issues.

What Can an Eye Exam Reveal About Your Eyes?

There are a few things that your eye exam can reveal. An eye exam can reveal diseases like glaucoma, cataracts, it can help to show you that you have a prescription and that you need glasses, it can reveal eye disease like degeneration and can also reveal damage to the eye as well. Your eye exam is going to be thorough and your optometrist and optometry clinic knows what to look for when they are examining your eyes. They can catch a range of problems and can also help to find damage that is present in the eye. Say you have been having cloudy vision, your eye doctor can help you to find out what might be making your vision cloudy and can help to figure out a great treatment option.

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Your eyes are very fragile, you need to make sure that you are taking care of them and that you are taking the time to find out what might be wrong with your eyes and that you are then taking steps to correct it and care for your eyes forever.

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