Benefits of Polarized Glasses

How Polarized Glasses Help With Glare

Polarized glasses protect your eyes from harmful UV rays and from glare that suddenly hits your eyes and can momentarily blind you. If this happens when you are driving your car, it’s more than just uncomfortable. It can be downright dangerous. Optometrist Seema Mohanan, O.D at Optics&EYECARE in Ashburn can help answer your questions about polarized glasses.

Polarized Glasses Filter Light

Most of the light from the sun comes from above. It travels vertically. When it bounces off a shiny surface, the light reflects in a horizontal pattern and often heads straight for your eyes. Polarized glasses are treated to filter out these horizontal rays and reduce the glare.

Polarization will significantly reduce the amount of light that hits your eyes, but it will not prevent you from seeing things clearly. You will actually see things more clearly and crisper in bright light with polarized glasses. You will be able to see a fuller picture of what’s going on around you and may see details even better. With regular glasses, you will have to deal with the glare. The same goes for sunglasses, which can make things dimmer and may not prevent glare unless they have also been polarized.

Polarized Glasses Protect Your Eyes

Polarized glasses also protect from harmful UV rays. UV light When your eyes get hit with glare, your eyes have to do extra work. This can cause eye strain, headaches, and tired eyes.

Regular Glasses, Sunglasses, And Polarized Glasses

Glasses help you see better but they will not provide protection from UV rays or glare. However, glasses, prescription glasses, and prescription sunglasses can be polarized.

Sunglasses can shield the eyes, but you want to make sure they provide protection from both UVA and UVA ultra-violet rays. If they do so, they will be labeled as such.

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