Signs that you are in Need of Emergency Eye Care

Taking care of your eyes and ensuring they stay healthy is very important. If you are in the Ashburn, VA area, and need optometry care, visit Optics&EYECARE. Here we can provide you with the regular eye care you need, but we also can help you understand when you need emergency eye care. Several signs could indicate if you need emergency eye care and we can help you understand.

Sudden Pain or Pressure

One common sign that you need emergency eye care is if you experience a sudden sensation of pain or pressure. If you are experiencing these sensations, it could be due to trauma, an infection, or a variety of other serious conditions. If you have any of these symptoms, it is important to visit our office to let our optometry professionals diagnose any issues you may be having. Based on an examination, we can then find and discuss treatment options.

Emergency Eye Care for Vision Loss

Another sign that you should come to seek immediate eye care is if you are experiencing vision loss. Naturally, over time vision clarity reduces for everyone, however, sometimes vision loss is a sign of a bigger complication. While older adults tend to rely more and more on contacts or glasses, if you notice your vision is getting worse over a short period of time, call our office. We will be able to determine what is causing the vision deterioration and provide the necessary care.

Redness of the Eyes

Experiencing redness in your eyes could be due to a wide variety of issues. If you have been experiencing redness, it may not be very serious; however, if this condition does not subside quickly you should come in for a check-up. Serious redness could be due to an infection, the development of eye disease, or a wide variety of other issues. In some cases, these could even threaten your ability to see clearly in the future. Due to this risk, it is important to have your condition evaluated as soon as you can.

Contact Us to Schedule an Emergency Eye Care Appointment

If you are in the area and are experiencing any of these symptoms, visiting Optics&EYECARE as soon as you can is very important. When you need to see an optometry professional, you should visit Optics and EYECARE as soon as you can. When you visit us, we will provide you will determine the cause of your discomfort and strive to find a solution. Call (703) 687-4719 and schedule your appointment today!