Astigmatism Contact Lenses at Optics&EYECARE

Astigmatism is a more complex type of refractive error than you might think. This corneal abnormality can blur your vision and frustrate your attempts to correct it with standard soft contacts. Even so, many people would rather correct their vision with contacts instead of, or in addition to, eyeglasses. That’s why several kinds of specialized astigmatism contact lenses have been developed, and why we offer those lenses here at Optics&EYECARE in Ashburn, VA.

A Tricky Problem for Contact Lenses to Correct

To understand why astigmatism poses some special challenges for contact lenses, we must first look at how astigmatism impairs vision. Refractive errors such as nearsightedness and farsightedness occur because the eyeball is either too long or short instead of spherical. These abnormalities affect either distance vision or near vision. Astigmatism causes blurry vision through all distance ranges because it originates in the cornea. If your corneas are more “football-shaped” than spherical, those imperfections alter the way light enters the eye.

It’s the irregular shape of the corneas that presents such a challenge to regular soft contacts. For one thing, these contacts are made to take on the shape of the underlying cornea, which means that they don’t actually compensate for the irregular zones. Additionally, standard contact lenses tend to rotate on the cornea when you blink. Since corneal irregularities are located in specific parts of the cornea, this means that any correction you might have achieved varies from blink to blink.

Specialized Lens Options from Our Ashburn Team

Our Ashburn VA optometrist, Dr. Mohanan, can provide you with contact lenses that correct astigmatism properly and reliably. Depending on your specific prescription, needs, and preferences, we may fit you with:

    • Toric contacts – Contact lenses for astigmatism are commonly designed in a toric style, weighted toward the bottom to keep their position stable.
    • RGP contacts – RGP materials are rigid enough to maintain a contact corrective shape, instead of simply conforming to the corneas.
    • Specialized soft contacts – Some modern types of toric soft contacts can correct astigmatism.
    • Hybrid contacts – Hybrid contacts are soft around the rim and rigid in the center, combining comfort and corrective power.
    • Scleral contacts – Scleral contacts don’t even touch the cornea; they sit on the sclera and extend in front of the cornea for superior vision correction.

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