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Information on the Services Optics&EYECARE Offers and the Conditions We Diagnose and Treat at Our Ashburn Optometry Office

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Eye Exams

Our optometrists perform basic eye exams that test both the health of your eyes and the clearness and sharpness of your vision. This includes prescribing medication if needed, and writing prescriptions for corrective lenses.

Contact Lens

If you wear contact lenses, we will perform a special eye exam to be sure your lenses still fit, your prescription hasn't changed, and you are using the lenses properly. If you don't already wear contact lenses, but want to, we will teach you how to wear them, and let you practice putting them in and removing them until you are comfortable enough with it to do it on your own.

Specialty Contact Lens

If you need specialty contact lenses, you can be fitted for them at our eye care office, and even order them from us. Specialty contact lenses are lenses that are more complex than typical lenses, such as bifocal and trifocal lenses, hard lenses, hard to fit lenses, lenses for teens, and cosmetic lenses.

Diabetes Eye Exams

Those with diabetes disease need special eye exams, as diabetes can affect the vision. Our optometrists will check you for diabetic retinopathy, look at how well your eyes are working, determine if your vision is changing, and prescribe any medications necessary to keep your vision in good condition.


Cataracts become more common the older you get. If you're over fifty, the chances of you having at least traces of cataracts is pretty high. Our eye doctors can diagnose cataracts, as well as treat them. They can be broken up and removed with lasers, leaving you with clear vision once more.


Getting a glaucoma test is a basic part of eye care. It is one of the eye conditions you can get that isn't terribly common, but can damage your vision, and even cause blindness, if left untreated. That is why it is important to get the glaucoma test at your annual eye exam, so it can be caught and treated early. If others in your family have had glaucoma, there is a greater chance of you getting it, making testing even more important.

Macular Degeneration

This condition can cause you to lose your central vision, leaving you with only peripheral vision. Testing for it is done at your annual eye exam, so treatment can begin early and preserve as much of your vision as possible. There is a genetic component to this condition, but it can also be age-related, as well.

Vision Therapy

Vision therapy is like physical therapy for your eyes. If you have certain eye conditions, like lazy eye or cross-eye, vision therapy can help improve and even cure these conditions without surgery. It requires regular appointments over a period of time to achieve permanent results.


This condition causes the cornea to gradually bulge out and become cone-shaped over time. It can be genetic or not, and is treated with corrective lenses, and sometimes surgery.


If you have trouble seeing things up close, you have presbyopia, also known as farsightedness. This can be corrected with the right lenses, usually reading glasses or something similar.

Pre and Post LASIK Surgery Consultations

If you want to get LASIK, we will examine you at our eye clinic to determine if you are a good candidate for it. If you are, we will take care of your post-operative care after the surgery.

Dry Eyes

Dry eyes is a common condition your optometrist treats on a regular basis. This occurs when your eyes do not produce enough tears to keep them well lubricated, and can result in discomfort and sensitivity to light. Your eye doctor will prescribe artificial tears, or recommend you buy them over the counter, depending on the severity of your condition.

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  • "I am a very hard person to convince ... this was the right thing to do fix my eye's. But ... The whole experience from the staff to all Doctors it was painless and quick . I have 20/20 vision in one week . I cann't thank this excellent team on a super job."
    -Diana L S.
  • "If I could give them 6 stars, I would. From the moment we walked in, the entire staff was very friendly, caring, attentive, and professional, not like your typical doctor's office where you feel like just another number. Astrid, Salma, and Natalia were very thorough and meticulous in taking care of my partner, as was the optometrist. My partner now has 20/20 perfect vision and couldn't be happier. Highly recommended."
    -Sila D.